Web Sites

Here are samples of web site design work. Each site was created based on the needs and wishes of the owner of the site.

**Note: several of these sites now have the maintenance and updates done by the site owner. Humphrey and Company was hired to design the original site or the re-design. Updates and changes are done by the owner.


Finger Lakes Images

Finger Lakes Images - Bill Banazewski


This web features the work of a Local Photographer who specializes in outdoor photography and nature. The site features a photo gallery sampling of some of his stock photography and his extensive collection of photos of nature from the Finger Lakes Region and New York State.


Peter Knickerbocker

Peter Knickerbocker - Spider's Nest Pottery


This web features the work of a ceramic artist's studio who wanted a simple brochure type site to showcase his unique style of artwork. The site features a photo gallery of vessel forms samples with his signature copper red glaze. The workmanship on the stoneware is really quite spectacular.


5StarArt - Curt Wright

Five Star Art Prints - Curt Wright


This artist wanted a way to sell some of his art prints with an e-commerce feature. This site features an on-line shopping cart using credit cards thru Pay Pal. 

**Note: This site is now maintained by the owner


 Home Remodel

Home Remodel of Farm House

This is a personal site showcasing the remodeling work of a old farm house. The owner wanted a way to share the before and after photos with family and friends as the house was transformed and brought up to date with new features and upgrades. The site features a large number of changing photos on the home page and several types of photo galleries showing before and after shots.

**Note: This site has been moved to a location that is only available to invited personal guests of the site owner.


SDANYS -orignal

Staff Development Association of NYS (original site)

This non-profit site is now maintained by a committee of volunteers. It features two levels of navigation with member only sections and pages which are accessed by an application that ties in with association membership records.

**Note: this site is under current re-organization and design


revised  sdanys

Revised Site for SDANYS - In Process

This site is under going a major revision to update the layout, navigation, coding and content. The site is being revised to be compliant with web standards and improve the usability of the site as well as providing more up to date content.




Under Construction - Family Heirloom Recipe Blog and Site

A cooking journal blog with recipes that have been handed down thru the years by family and friends. The site has lots of family photos and is searchable by ingredients and family occasions.
URL will be published once site is approved for launching.



Department of Social Services

This sub-web was created in 1993 as part of a larger web for the County of Yates. Each governmental department worked together to create it's first web site for the community. Only the DSS sub-web section is our work.

**This site was donated as a start-up